Our Story

Internationally acclaimed chef and owner, Franz Lieber is best described as a passionate foodie. If Franz acquired a box of pencil-thin asparagus or a crate of succulent crayfish the previous day you can be sure that the lights at the pie factory will have been on all night as Franz concocts a pie that will set your tastebuds tingling.

He lives and breathes food. From his Austria roots, nothing is more rewarding for this internationally-trained, restaurant chef than creating food that people can fall in love with.

He does this by only using fresh ingredients, sourced close to home with absolutely no additives or preservatives to ensure the natural flavour always shines through.  


Our buzzing Café has recently been renovated with all our heart and soul. Relax in our spacious, great open outdoor space and enjoy the sun, or sit inside on a rainy day and indulge in our fresh baked desserts or hearty pies.